PAVE specializes in strategic communications and consulting for the creative disciplines, including the visual and performing arts, design, architecture, humanities, and film. Its founders, Sascha Freudenheim and Alina Sumajin, have more than 25 years of experience in cultural communications, and bring expertise to clients across a range of services, including: institutional analysis and strategic planning; brand development; media relations; digital communications and social media strategy; events management; marketing and advertising consultation; and crisis management and communications.


The ways in which people connect with and absorb information has changed tremendously over the last decade, and the global cultural and media landscapes are continuing to evolve rapidly. Understanding the diversity of platforms, and the relationships between them, is essential to the development of a successful communications strategy—and to engaging new and existing audiences.  

That’s where we come in… We believe the most successful Public Relations campaigns are grounded in a comprehensive strategy that aligns organizational identity and aspirations with the right platform at the right time. One-on-one attention and active collaboration are central to our client work. And almost every project begins with a discovery period: we want to know who you are and where you want to go, so that we can help you get there. Drawing on our deep knowledge and networks in the cultural sector, and through innovative thinking and educated experimentation, we tailor-make a communications strategy and plan that fits your organization’s goals, needs, and budget.  

All of our work is guided by our founding values—Passion, Alignment, Vision, Experience (PAVE)—and our belief in the importance of the creative disciplines to sustaining economically and socially healthy communities.